Contributing to the site

By John Riddington

Contributing to this site is very easy. If you are not a regular computer user we do understand how daunting the task of producing a web page can seem.  Jack Latimer of Community Sites has however produced the excellent video below that talks the user through the whole process, from registering as a contributor, to producing and submitting a web page containing both text and photos. The video was produced for the mybrightonandhove website and consequently there are some minor differences in procedure, such as for our site there being no need to click on the "contribute" button at the beginning of the process.

If after watching the video you still do not feel confident to produce a web page, you can send Word and image files to and we will produce the web page for you.

If you are unable to see an image below you have not got flash player loaded on your computer.  Click here to download flash player.

See how to contribute to this website

Click on the Play button to start the video. Press the button to the left of the volume button to go to full screen mode.

This page was added on 23/04/2010.

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