Street representatives

To contact a street representative email: 

Borough Street:                   Jo McCartney
Church Street (Upper):         Eve Eley
Clifton Hill:                          Carole Moorhouse
Clifton Place:                       Jenny Riddington 
Clifton Road:                       Sue Cameron
Clifton Road (Homelees):     Michael Hales
Clifton Terrace:                   Diana Stephenson
Crown Gardens:                  Helen Smedley
Crown Street:                     Jean Yates  
Dean Street:        
Denmark Terrace:               Terie Gilbert 
Dyke Rd (west side):           Diana Ward Davis
Hampton Place/Street:        Damian and Sally Evans
Hampton Terrace:               Richard Brown*
Marlborough Street/Mews:   
Montpelier Crescent:           Julie Dickson
Montpelier Road (Lower):    Margy Nixon
Montpelier Road (Upper):    Dani Boulton
Montpelier Road (Park Royal):
Montpelier Street:              Bernard Dutton-Briant
Montpelier Place:               John Warmington
Montpelier Terrace:           Hal and Julia Doyne-Ditmas
Montpelier Terrace (Heather Court):   Geoff Courts
Montpelier Villas:               Jane Osler
Norfolk Road:                    
Norfolk Terrace:                Peter Mullarky
Powis Grove:                    Steve Crockett
Powis Square:                   Ann Smith
Powis Road:                      Brian Izzard
Powis Villas:                      Jane osler
Regent Hill:                       Paula Black 
St Michael’s Place:             Roz Charters
Spring Street:                   Steve Pavey
Temple Gardens:               Sharon-Therese Horlor
Temple Gardens (Temple Heights):   Mary Bacon
Temple Street:                  Aidan Lunn
Upper North Street:           Richard Brown
Vernon Terrace:                Lynne Shields
Victoria Place/Street:         Peter Woodhead
Victoria Road:                   Nick von Tunzelmann and Carol Dyhouse
Vine Place:                   

Wykeham Terrace:            Michael Fisher  

Would you like to be a Street Rep? We currently have vacancies in Dean Street, Marlborough/Street, Norfolk Road and Vine Place. It is not too onerous (delivering CMPCAnews four times a year) and, if you are new, it's a great way to get to know your neighbours and the area!

If you would consider acting as the street rep for your street (or 'caretake' another street), please contact us at



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