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Stream processing is a computer programming paradigm equivalent to dataflow programming event stream processing and reactive programming that allows some applications to more easily exploit a limited form of parallel processingsuch applications can use multiple computational units such as the floating point unit on a graphics processing unit or field programmable gate arrays fpgas ix stream processor architecture in this monograph professor rixner shows how a stream processor architecture is ideally suited for applying emerging wire limited semiconductor technology to media applications stream processors operate by passing streams of data records through computation kernelsstream processor architecture presents the architecture of the imagine streaming media processor which delivers a peak performance of 20 billion floating point operations per second imagine efficiently supports 48 arithmetic units with a three tiered data bandwidth hierarchygeneric stream processor architecture stream processors belong to a new class of architectures that are compute intensive and achieve high performance by reducing dynamic control and providing a large number of programmable functional units the main architectural components of a stream processor are shown in fig 2 streamwhat are cuda cores and stream processors in nvidia and amd graphics cards are cuda cores and stream processors same or is there any difference between them cuda cores and stream processors are one of the most important parts of the gpu and they decide how much power your gpu has here in this post i am going to explain cuda cores and stream processors in very simple words and also list down

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