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The diary of a young girl also known as the diary of anne frank is a book of the writings from the dutch language diary kept by anne frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the nazi occupation of the netherlandsthe family was apprehended in 1944 and anne frank died of typhus in the bergen belsen concentration camp in 1945its the diary of a random girl that was put into the public domain and converted to kindle format so we should all be a little forgiving since the author wasnt a professional author it was a prepubescent austrian girl writing a diary that had no idea future gawkers would be reading her diarya young girls diary audiobook anonymous translated by cedar paul 1880 1972 the diary of an upper middle class austrian girl this book describes her life between the ages of eleven anne frank it has been said gave a face and a name to the horror of the holocaust this is her story it relates how anne her family and their friends hid in secret rooms the annex in an amsterdam warehouse for 25 months anne just 13 when the family moved in and only 15 when the gestapo a young girls diary kindle edition sigmond freud i feel it is important to keep history alive there is an expression history repeats itself this is one perfect example why this era must never be forgotten and pray to god never repeated i have read many books from this period

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