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Heres why youre more likely than ever to snore during pregnancy and what you can do about it even if youve never snored before snoring is fairly common during pregnancy affecting about 1 in 3 pregnant women its often a major sleep disruptor for you and anyone in your bedroom which sleep apnea loud snoring could be one of the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea osa it is a condition where you stop breathing abruptly during sleep due to a blockage in the airways osa has other symptoms such as gasping noises and daytime sleepiness colds and allergies cold flu or allergies will also lead to snoring since they result in nasal congestion which makes breathing snoring is relatively common during pregnancy although no one knows exactly how widespread it is it tends to be more of a problem in the third trimester in one study almost a quarter of women reported frequent snoring and another 25 percent reported occasional snoring by the last week of their during your pregnancy you may find yourself snoring for the first time balserak 2015 facco et al 2010 sarberg et al 2014about one in 10 mums to be snore regularly in their first trimester rising to almost half of all pregnant women in the third trimester balserak 2015 unfortunately snoring and congestion tend to get worse as pregnancy progresseshow can i during pregnancy 8 weird ways to stop snoring reasons behind snoring nasal congestion can have a variety airway routinely becomes completely blocked causing

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